• My wife, Nelda, handles all business transactions. I am always available to answer any questions about my paintings.  Use the Contact Page to contact us.

  • If you are interested in purchasing a painting(s), since my paintings are not titled, please refer to the inventory number attached to each painting; for instance, the first painting of 2017 is numbered 2017-1 and the second painting of 2017 is numbered 2017-2.  In addition, it would be helpful to include a description of the painting(s) and an image of it.

  • My wife will email you back with the total price for the painting which includes an amount for shipping and insurance. Inaddition, Pennsylvania residents will be charged 8% sales tax.  

  • For International sales, the buyer is responsible for any duty and custom taxes their country might charge

  • After my wife provides a bill for the total amount of the painting, then payment is done through the below PayPal button.

  • If you not satisfied with a painting and you want a refund, you have one week from receiving the painting to contact my wife through email.  After one week, all sales are final.

  • If returning a painting, you are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs.  If a painting is damaged when being returned, then the refund will wait until the resolution of the insurance claim.

  • All Copyright and Reproduction Rights are reserved by David A Horwitz.

  • Thank You!

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